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Giving up smoking is the most important thing you can do with regards to looking after your body and preventing the onset of some of the biggest health threats. This site is designed to give you a helping hand when it comes to giving up smoking.

Why People Smoke

This section looks at why people start to smoke and why they continue.

Many smokers take up the habit at a very young age, and are often coaxed into it by their friends even if they don't really want to do so. As an adult, it is often hard to give up smoking, especially after years of carrying out this habit.

Pressures of everyday life, stress, boredom, or fear of gaining weight are just some of the reasons why some people find it impossible to give up.

Why Give up Smoking

This section looks at some of the reasons why you may want to quit smoking.

Here we look at the cost of smoking and have included a calculator so you can see how much you actually spend on cigarettes. Each year the price of cigarettes rises, and often at an alarming rate. The cost of a packet of cigarettes has more than doubled in the last fifteen years and if you calculate exactly how much you spend in a month or even a year on this unhealthy habit, the total amount of money is shocking.

Not only is the money factor a major consideration and motivation to give up smoking, but the long-term effects on not only your health, but the health of those around you, should be a big consideration, particularly if you have children at home.

Smoking cannot only destroy your health but it can affect your appearance too. Over time your looks may become ravaged from the cigarettes with premature ageing, yellow-stained fingers and teeth, and mouth and gum disease being the main noticeable consequences.

Passive Smoking

Passive smoking was long overlooked by those in the medical and legal professions as being harmful to one's health, but in recent years the negative effect of passive smoking has come to the fore in the media and laws have been changed so that less people are obliged to unwillingly suffer from passive smoking, particularly in the workplace and in indoor settings.

Smoking and Pregnancy

These days smoking whilst pregnant is severely frowned upon, particularly in the UK, where celebrity mothers-to-be who have been caught smoking have been exposed in the British press. As well as harming yourself, the harm caused to an unborn baby is now well documented and viewed as a complete no-no.

In our smoking & pregnancy section we provide important information for mothers-to-be including how smoking can affect your unborn child plus how smoking whilst pregnant can affect your child in its early years, and which ailments or disorders your child can potentially suffer.

The Effects of Smoking

In this section we look at the health consequences of smoking. When we talk about the health consequences of smoking, lung cancer is possibly the first disease to be mentioned; yet smoking also causes many other unpleasant and potentially life-threatening illnesses including heart attacks, strokes, and other types of cardiovascular disease. In fact, smoking has an adverse effect on most organs and parts of the body and is linked to many other diseases including diabetes, osteoporosis, cataracts, ulcers and back pain.

How to Give up Smoking

In this section we guide you through the process of giving up smoking from start to finish. The first thought about wanting to give up smoking is an important step. If you don't really want to stop smoking but feel that you should, this is not really enough. You really have to want to kick the habit otherwise your attempt may be a futile one. Some people can quit smoking immediately, whilst others need a lot of help, guidance, and support. In this section we offer you a step-by-step plan on how to give up smoking with helpful tips on how to handle the cravings once you are on the path to quitting for good.

Ways to Quit Smoking

There are various ways to give up smoking and each smoker will have his own preference as to which method is best suited to him or her. Some people are able to go 'cold turkey', whilst others may need some extra help in the form of hypnotherapy or acupuncture, or by using one of the many quit-smoking aids now available on the market.

This section looks at each method to help give up smoking in turn, giving a full description of the method or product, detailing how safe they are, and whether there are any side effects, plus a guide to how successful this method for quitting smoking has been.

We also look at nicotine replacement therapies.

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